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What quantity of credits do i need for iCloud Removal?
- 1 Credit Only

How fast is the iCloud Removal Process?
- 30 minutes to 72 hours

What information do i need for icloud removal?
- IMEI and ID details Linked to iPhone or iPad

What about if i don't have ID details?
- If doesn't have ID info will buy from our software

What information do i need for getting ID details?

What quantity of credits do i need for getting ID details?
- Each IMEI 8 Credits (Will Change from time to time)

How fast will get ID details?
- Depends on Apple Server, 24 to 48 hours .

What models is supported?
-All models supported, including new iPhone 7 and 7+

What iOS version is supported?
- All iOS version is supported, including the new iOS 9.3.2 or iOS 10 beta firmware

May i Restore Firmware in my iPhone for iCloud Removal?
- Is preferred don't upgrade iOS for iCloud Removal Processing, if have restored will process normally

What is the next step after receive iCloud Removal Successful Notification?
- Connect to iTunes using PC or WiFi

What status of iCloud Lock is Supported?
- All Status is Supported

How to Remove iCloud inactivated devices?
- Will use Backup extractor for getting icloud removed, otherwise iCloud Removal by ID details

How to know if my iPhone has iCloud Activation Lock?
- Will check status in

May I Put New Account in my iPhone after iCloud Removal Successfully?
- Yes, after iCloud Removal will link any old or new account to your iPhone

Is iCloud Removal Permanent?
- Yes, after iCloud removal successfully Find my iPhone change to OFF in Database
Is iCloud Removal Bypass Method?
- No, This is iCloud Permanent Removed from Database

Will change carrier lock status After iCloud Removal?
- No, iCloud Removal and Factory Unlock is not same Data Base so after iCloud Removal Success, carrier lock status will not change.

May I upgrade iOS after iCloud Removal Successful?
- Yes, will upgrade anytime after iCloud Removal Successfully

About Factory Unlock:

What quantity of credits do i need for Factory Unlock?
- Depends on initial carrier, will check full updated pricelist here.

What information do i need for factory unlock?
- IMEI Only
What is the Factory Unlock Method?
- Official Factory Unlock Permanent by Carrier System
What iOS version is supported?
- All iOS version is supported, including the new iOS 10

What models is supported?
- All models supported, including new iPhone SE and future iPhone 7

What is the Success Rate of Factory Unlock?
- 100%

May i Restore Firmware to last version before Official Factory Unlock?
- Yes, upgrade to the last iOS prevents Re-lock errors by carrier

About iCloudBox:
What is the price for iCloudBox Licence?
- Official Price $599
How is protected the software?
- Software works with dongle hardware protection, include in iCloudBox Package
What about shipment price?
- Price include DHL/ Shipment worldwide
How fast do I receive the iCloudBox package?
3-12 Working days for delivery door to door by DHL/Speedpost
Is needed to pay for future updates?
- No, Our product is one-time-payment and all updates included

What are the minimum requirements for using the software?
- Windows OS, 4GB RAM, 12GB HDD, 2 USB Ports

What price each credit?
- 1 iCloudBox Credit = 1 U.S. Dollar

May I use credits without iCloudBox?
- No, All benefits, price, and free services are for iCloudBox users exclusively